Share Your Story

It's Unique, just like you!

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” 

–  1 Peter 3:15

My Personal Testimony

Sharing your personal testimony with a friend, co-worker, neighbor or family member who does not have a relationship with Jesus is one of the most powerful ways to show God’s love to them.  Take time to write out the answers to the 4 questions below.  Then put your answers together into one 2-3 minute story about what Jesus has done in your life.  Practice it.  And be prepared to share your story when God provides the opportunity!

Before I met JESUS...

What life circumstances or attitudes did you have? What things were most important that you used to find meaning in your life (relationships, money/success, substances, hobbies)?

How I realized I needed JESUS...

What significant steps led up to your decision? What needs, hurts, or problems made you dissatisfied with the way you were living? How did God get your attention or what motivated you?

How I committed my life to JESUS...

What specifically did you do to step across line to accepting Jesus? When and where did it happen? What did you say in your prayer? Be specific.

The difference JESUS has made in my life...

What benefits have you experienced or felt? How has Jesus helped change you for the better? How has it helped your relationships? Give examples.

We would love it if you would share your story with us!